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Geeky way to propose your love with rose using C Program

Proposing the love to your crush/lover is an art and mostly people fail to clear this paper atleast in their first attempt. And many people postpone their semester because of the fear of failure 😛 (High five to those who find this lyrics 😉 ) Proposal theories like Candle lit dinner, Red Rose proposal , blah blah become outdated now a days. And for the dudes and dudettes who are running out of ideas, here i am proposing (I mean suggesting 😛 ) a geeky way to convey your love with rose using C program. Read More »


Hide your Personal files in an Image without any 3rd party software

Hiding your personal data from others have always been a difficult job. Some people used to hide files by creating a hidden folder inside multi-level folders. Some others will do that by placing the files in between system files or any other better techniques they know. In this article, I’m going to share you a simple technique by which you can hide your data in a image. Most of the people on reading the topic/on seeing the featured image might think that I gonna share a Steganography/Cryptography technique. We gonna accomplish this by using the distinguishing feature of image and archive readers . Read More »

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