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Language, No longer a barrier

Gone are the days when we need local guide during National/Overseas tour, subtitles/friend for other language movies and giving awkward look on seeing other language sign boards/banners , Thanks to Google Translate  If you giggle, “Dude!! Grow up, its old story ? “, the answer in “I”s vikram style is, “Ippo Athukkum mela (Now it’s more than that) ? ” Read More »

Bitcoins – Emerging Digital Currency

Bitcoins!!! On reading the term, many of us will guess that “It is a coin made up of ingot like gold ,silver and can be used for purchase/transaction like dollar,rupees ”. If so, you are partially right 😉 Then your question would be, “In which case I am right and in which case i am wrong ?”. It is used for purchase/transaction similar to currency/credit card/Debit card. But, its not  a physical item. To be precise, It’s a “Digital currency”!! Now, your mind will pop up with questions like, “If it is a digital currency, How they are created? How can i acquire it? What’s the value of it? Is it legal to use it ? How can i pay with bitcoin pay? ” Read More »

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