Language, No longer a barrier

Gone are the days when we need local guide during National/Overseas tour, subtitles/friend for other language movies and giving awkward look on seeing other language sign boards/banners , Thanks to Google Translate  If you giggle, “Dude!! Grow up, its old story ? “, the answer in “I”s vikram style is, “Ippo Athukkum mela (Now it’s more than that) ? ”

Yesterday Google released an important update to Android and iOS Google Translate App where you can translate the words sign boards/images in real time using Word lens by Quest Visual which it acquired on May,2014. The most important thing is it works without internet connection(Offline) tooo.. And as of now, it will work for limited languages only(English,French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish) and ofcourse, other languages are on their deck.

Not only that, it also translates the sign boards, but also makes the bi-directional real time voice translation. What I mean by bi-directional here is if you select the two languages you gonna have conversation, it’ll automatically recognize the language during conversation i.e. you need not change the language manually ? Unlike Word lens, it works in data connection only.

And you might not forget that , Microsoft  unveiled a preview of a similar service in English and Spanish that allows users for skype last month, to converse in real-time. The difference is that you can try that in desktop/laptops only whereas google go ahead a step by implementing it in smartphones. And it’ll be really interesting when it is implemented in Google wearables like Google glass

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