Howdy, Microsoft Edge!!

With Internet Explorer, Microsoft never had a upper hand in the Browser battle for a decade. Internet Explorer had been the nightmare not only for surfers but also for the web developers. No matter whether you are developer/net surfer, it would let you out a bellow of rage at least once. Now, Mr.softy introduces “Microsoft Edge”, a competitive warrior for the browser battle replacing (not completely) IE which was always considered as a straw man in the battle.

The question that would dig in many people’s mind is, “Why Microsoft release it’s update as a new browser instead of releasing as IE 12 ?! “. To explain this with IPL theory, any cricket fan who didn’t watch IPL 8 would surely make fun of me if I say “Ashish Nehra is the purple cap holder” ?ᅡᅠ But, if I say “A new player Shreyas Iyer is the top scorer of DD (I mean Delhi Daredevils ? ) “, there will be a element of surprise rather than being funny  . Similarly, considering the negative brand that has been created on Internet Explorer over the years,  even if IE gives 10 times better performance than chrome, it’ll be too hard to turn up the surfers to IE. So, MSFT makes a smart move by creating new brand instead of expelling the negative brand on IE.

Introduced by the code name “Project spartan”, Microsoft Edge uses new layout engine called “EdgeHTML”, the fork of Trident (IE’s layout engine) designed for interoperability with the modern web technologies. Like other modern browsers, Speed and minimal design will be its top focus area. It also removes the legacy technologies like ActiveX for add-ons and introduces extension system similar to chrome that’ll give power packed functionalities to Microsoft Edge which was missing in IE. Moving to its features, it has the built in integration of Cortana. For those who gives the blank look on reading Cortana, to say in two words it is Microsoft’s siri/Google now. To be elaborate, it’s voice-controlled(not necessarily) personal virtual assistant which allows you to set reminders, answer questions from bing etc.


Edge also includes innovative features like inking mode to make annotations like highlighting the text, adding comments and snipping tools to take screen shot on the web page and allows you to share it using email, one drive and one note.

It also have distraction free Reading view which allows you to keep your focus on the content and Reading list which allows you to save articles , pdf or any other contents to read later.

And here is the video released by Microsoft to give the first look experience of Microsoft Edge.

Eventhough everything fall in right place for Edge, the answer is not unanimous yes for the question “Will Edge become our new default browser?”. Yes, its clean and have good looking UI, has lot of tempting features but it’s really hard to make sudden shift from firefox/chrome which are still a step ahead for Edge. Yet, Microsoft placed their final piece in the puzzle by changing the name of the browser which’ll fake the users that they are not using Internet explorer.

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