Geeky way to propose your love with rose using C Program

Proposing the love to your crush/lover is an art and mostly people fail to clear this paper atleast in their first attempt. And many people postpone their semester because of the fear of failure 😛 (High five to those who find this lyrics 😉 ) Proposal theories like Candle lit dinner, Red Rose proposal , blah blah become outdated now a days. And for the dudes and dudettes who are running out of ideas, here i am proposing (I mean suggesting 😛 ) a geeky way to convey your love with rose using C program.

As usual before explaining how, lemme give the code snippet and you can verify the output over here

And the output will be

outputThose inquisitive guys who wish to know how it is implemented make sure you already read the article on “Printing India Map”. Assuming you already read that article, let me proceed.

Similar to printing India Map problem, here also we gonna do the run length encoding on the image. The difference between these two problems are, in India Map we have binary data ( spaces and exclamatory marks ) whereas in this problem, we need to use more than 10 symbols/characters to print this complex image. In the previous problem, we won’t store the type of symbol/character in the encoded string. Rather we assumed the count in odd position are for spaces and even position are for exclamatory marks. Unfortunately, here we can’t do like that since it has right mix of all symbols which doesn’t have any pattern. So, in the encoded string we are going to store the symbol type in the odd position and it’s count in the even position. Here each count is upscaled by 102 which is 64 in case of India Map problem (which has no particular reason). I hope you can map each character with encoded character too which i am skipping here. If you are not able to do that, feel free to comment your queries here

And last but not least, for those buddies who seeks, “Bro, What I should i do to have my crush/lover’s name in the image ?”, Sketch the image in a paper and create your encoded string and replace yours with actual one.  I agree creating encoded string is really a difficult/painful task, but .. To answer in Santhanam’s language “Thenga venumna thenna maram yeri thaan aaganum (If you need coconut, you have to climb the coconut tree ) ” 😛

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