Sorry Chrome, Let’s break up !!

Yess !!! I am one among the many people who fell in love with Google chrome at first sight. Not only me but everyone who was fed up with the likes of IE and Firefox, was mesemerized by its speed and simplicity. But now a days, it seems that it has lose its charmness by frequent crashes, frozen states, high RAM usage etc. And it also faces some critical issues like “Completely unusable state“.

When Google chrome was launched in 2008, “Speed, security and minimal design” were its ace in the hole over other browsers like Firefox and IE. These days, all modern browsers including IE 11 have almost equified its speed and follow the minimalistic design approach.  I repeat, Modern browsers including Internet Explorer 11 😉 ( Believe me, IE is not the same one which was 5 years ago. Chrome frame’s retirement is a proof for that). So, Chrome’s trump card valids no more. In the name of updates & personalization, I feel Chrome becomes an obese lady. Several benchmark tests for browsers reveals that it is ousted from “THE FASTEST BROWSER” title which it holds since its launch. According to the GFI reports, Google Chrome is the third most vulnerable Desktop applicaton as of 2013.

And these are not the reasons for my break up with Google chrome. I am not denying the fact it is the only browser which supports Google voice search and one of the two browsers which has built-in flash player ( Opera is the other one which again uses chrome’s codebase ). There are some personal reasons for this break up 😛

As a guy who have atleast 25+ opened tabs in the browser all time, Google Chrome’s one process per tab strategy hurts me a lot (25 processes for chrome alone 😮 ). It considerably increases the memory usage which throws frequent crashes. And restoring crashed sessions won’t work well all the time.


And as a privacy loving guy, I don’t like anyone storing my data unnecessarily. I’m really annoyed by chrome’s attitude in burying and discouraging “Do not Track privacy” feature. Similarly, Chrome’s omni box ( Search + Address bar ) which sends and stores everything we type in the Google server even before hitting ‘Enter’ to get search suggestions (that adds unwanted network traffic is a different story).

So what’s next?! I am moving back to my old friend “Firefox”. If you ask, “Are you going to compromise awesome user experience in which chrome is better than all browsers ?”. No!! For those who didn’t use firefox for long time, I suggest to go through that once. With latest updates, Firefox loads the data quickly and have clean inteface. It allows me to customize it as per my needs. Many benchmark tests rates Firefox 35+ above than chrome 40+.  And most importantly, at any point of time I need not worry about privacy concerns in firefox. And Firebug add-on proves to be the best option for development purpose which I felt, I might miss in Firefox.

I’m neither hating chrome nor debating firefox is better browser than chrome. I’m just expecting it to improve a lot. It’s still a good browser for the people who don’t mind about privacy and don’t open more than 10 tabs in a session simultaneously

PS : For those who questions “Dude, everything ok.. But I’m used to chrome experience. I’m fed up with Firefox UI. Is there any other way ?”, here are the tips to get Chrome UI experience in Firefox.

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